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Artist-Restylist-Repurposer-Recreator-Dreamer, lover of all things old & tattered


I'm a self taught artist/designer, passionate about creating. I believe this passion is a gift from God & I give Him all the glory, after all He’s the #1 Creator. I love pretty & feminine as well as vintage, rusty, chippy, old & tattered and I like to mix the two in my art & décor to create “pretty-primitive”. I treasure hunt in my travels, combing antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets for great “old stuff” to use in my art. My favourites are lace; millinery flowers, doll heads, ephemera, tin types, old hardware, photos, books, bling, and anything sepia toned, these are what spark my imagination. My work starts there depending on what vintage finds I discover. I never really know what I’ll be creating next & this mystery motivates & inspires me to play around in my studio with
all my found treasures and tada!

I’m a jack of all & my designs always vary, some might say I can’t focus but I just love variety and can’t work in just one style or medium. I’ll sew up a primitive sachet & the next day paint a shabby chic vanity or one day I’ll be painting a primitive portrait and the next day I’m restyling an old lamp part into an art doll. I love to blend pretty with the patina of old, worn, torn & tattered. To sum it up I love creating new art that looks old or restyle found treasures to new purpose. My hope is that my creations bring you joy and I delight in the hopes to inspire you, nourish your soul, delight your senses, help you take joy in the things you love and add a little
Pretty-Primitive! to your home & life.

Laura Youngren
lover of all things old & tattered


gardening, dancing, antiques, magazine addict, treasure hunting at thrift stores, worshiping/praising my lord, creating art & restyling vintage finds, love animals- rescue strays & abused, music-singing, flea markets etc. reading, cooking healthy food